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Q&A: Bill Armstrong on creating

What was the initial inspiration or motivation to develop Did that change at all during the process?

The initial motivation happened a few years ago when I got tired of talking and hearing about how bad the music business was. Although it is, and was true, I thought I would try to come up with some solutions as opposed of stating the problem over and over. I would say it has definitely evolved over time but the core functionality was always to syndicate promotional music in a more meaningful way.

Did you try to approach creating the site more from the perspective of a label-owner, or music fan – or both? How does it differ?

TheNewRecord's Bill Armstrong

Both. I wanted an easier way to keep up with the labels, friends and bands I was into. As a label owner I wanted to get our music above the static of open platforms. It really wasn’t different as it had to be useful and fun on both ends.

There’s a lot of action in the digital music space happening again right now, how closely do you follow the developments at other startups, and does it effect your expectations or how you are going to roll out TNR?

I check everything out. Ones I think are good or relevant to me I follow closely, but if its not something I would actually use I won’t spend much time with it. For me it has to be useful as well as fun. As far as my own expectations? “Difficult takes a day, Impossible takes a week” – JayZ

So much is made these days in press about the process of licensing music from record labels for new digital services. While mostly it’s in reference to major labels, how did you find the process of signing up indie labels for TNR to be?

Truly inspiring. 98% of the labels I showed TheNewRecord to understood it right away and really went out of their way to show support for the site and more importantly the communal aspect of it. The labels on TheNewRecord are in my opinion some of the best and most forward thinking Labels in Independent music today – so it was a nice reaffirmation about the project when talking to them. Epitaph, Sub Pop, Anti, Century Media, Daptone, Brushfire, Relapse, Paper and Plastic… and there are 30 more I didnt mention – if you can’t discover anything new and exciting from those labels I hate to be the one to tell you…. you have really bad taste in music, please seek help or always wear earphones. I also had the luxury of having been friends with a lot of these folks over the years through SideOneDummy and already had a really good working relationship with them. It has also been really exciting and inspiring to meet new labels whom I have respected over the years but hadn’t done any projects with too.

It seems like a key aspect to TNR is that it isn’t about sheer volume of music, but rather curated and filtered delivery of music to fans – which is something that is missing from a lot of digital services. Is that accurate to say?

I think that’s fair, I approached this with a less is more attitude. 98% of the music that is out there sucks pretty bad, I think we can all agree on that. I really don’t want to spend too much time sorting through the average to find the gems if I don’t have too. We are really only interested in the 2% that doesn’t suck and so far we are off to a great start.

In The Bin: What’s New This Week

AWOLNATION Comes Back From Earth

Here’s a quick look at some of the new releases hitting the physical and digital shelves this week… Audra Mae‘s debut full-length The Happiest Lamb is out on SideOneDummy Records. The singer-songwriter just returned from a UK tour and is getting ready to start a North American run with Philadelphia’s Good Ole WarInfinite Arms, the highly anticipated third LP from Band of Horses drops today via the interesting label combo of the band’s imprint Brown Records along with the newly paired Fat Possum and Columbia Records… New EMI act Chiddy Bang releases their Opposite of Adults EP exclusively on iTunes this week, with a full-length expected next month.  The EP features a sample-laden title track that recently caught fire in the UK – and you were worried there wasn’t going to be a MGMT summer jam this year… Brooklyn son Gordon Voidwell unleashes his Ivy League Circus single on 12″ vinyl, checkout a video promo on Ralph Lauren‘s Rugby site, and AWOLNATION is Back From Earth

California Calling, Fans Answering…

California Calling: Joe Sib's Stories of Growing Up Punk Rock

A lot has happened with Joe Sib‘s “broken word” one-man show, California Calling since he began with a few local shows last fall.  Sib, who also co-owns indie label SideoneDummy Records (Flogging MollyGaslight Anthem) and hosts the syndicated punk-rock radio show Complete Control (heard in L.A. on 98.7), just returned from a handful of well-received West Coast performances and there’s no sign of slowing down. His honest and humorous stories about growing up immersed in the California punk-rock scene also opened recent Bad Religion and Brian Fallon (Gaslight Anthem) shows in Hollywood, and while the growing success of the show might seem like somewhat of an anomaly, it’s clear that music fans young and old, regardless of scene or genre, are identifying with the show’s core theme of family, adolescence and a passion for music. Those are topics many can relate to, including an increasing list of artists who are tapping Sib to perform with them. He was recently asked to do an opening set at the upcoming Angels & Airwaves show at the Palladium after Tom Delonge caught a performance in San Diego, and he will be in NYC for two shows later this month –  all that’s next is the TV special, right? Tonight California Calling is at Largo LA with acoustic performances from special guests. For more info and video clips from past shows head to

Hot Dawg of the Week: Blue Hamilton

Hot Dawg of the Week: Blue Hamilton

Warner Chappell Publishing’s A&R up-and-comer Blue Hamilton is feeling anything but blue lately. With a building track record and the ink still wet from his newest signing, we thought it was a good time to catch up with the pubcos’ young earner for a spotlight in the first edition of our new feature Hot Dawg of the Week… Blue’s roster includes singer/songwriter Audra Mae whose cut “Who I Was Born To Be” is the only original song on Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed A Dream, which has sold to date over 7-million units worldwide. He signed the Oklahoma native back in ’06 when she was only a twinkle in SuBo’s eye. Audra Mae’s debut album comes out this spring on SideOneDummy Records… Hamilton also inked famed girl-kisser Katy Perry for publishing back in ’07, prior to her multi-platinum debut album One Of The Boys. She also had cuts on last year’s All I Ever Wanted from Kelly Clarkson as well as the self-titled debut from Jessie James. Perry is currently in the studio working on her follow-up album with collaborators including Tricky, The Dream and Dr. Luke among others… Blue’s newest act is Brooklyn’s Semi Precious Weapons who recently signed to HouseofGaga/Interscope Records. The band is currently in Europe finishing a run supporting Lady GaGa on The Monster Ball tour and their debut album is slated for a spring release.

Stay tuned for our next Hot Dawg of the Week…

Quotable: RM64 2009 in Q&A’s

In 2009 we were lucky enough to sit down with individuals from all different sectors of the music industry to hear how they are operating in the new music environment, what has led them there and what they see for the future. We appreciate all the time, insight and perspective they shared with us. Below is a recap and links to the entirety of each Q&A…

Andrew Brightman / Brightman Music

“… now A&R people are more used to hearing finished masters, things that are ready to put out…” (Read Q&A)

Bill Armstrong & Joe Sib / SideOneDummy Records

“Ultimately, I think the future label model is one that’s lean and can move quickly, but still be competitive on a big level.” (Read Q&A)

Jason Reynolds / MySpace Records

“I don’t really know how much awareness there is in the music business community as to what we do; which is fine.  I guess now they’ll probably all find out won’t they?” (Read Q&A)

Damon Booth & Tom DeSavia / Notable Music Publishing

“I think in general, publishers are in a great position in this climate. If they can be smart about their role, they can help an artist do anything they want to do.” (Read Q&A)

Eric Garland / BigChampagne

…10 years ago our idea was to provide insight, analysis and measurement in this space that companies like Nielsen have always provided offline. Somebody has to do that online and we should be that company. We’re still here and basically that’s still the mission.” (Read Q&A)

Missy Worth / Artistic License Mgmt

“I’ve learned that a band has to have conviction and a viewpoint, if they don’t have that then no one knows what they are working towards. This all begins and ends with the band and their songs and their story and we all need to remember that.” (Read Q&A)