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Singled Out: Ron Burman

Ron Burman (3rd from right) with Nickelback

The first piece in our new Singled Out industry spotlight series, is Roadrunner Records’ Sr VP of A&R Ron Burman. We recently caught up with the big man and asked him to show a little swagger when telling us what he’s been up to (truth be told, it didn’t take much convincing), so here’s the latest on Ronnie B’s projects: Theory of a Deadman’s Scars & Souvenirs LP has already surpassed gold certification in the U.S. and with Top 3 singles at both Active and Hot AC radio, it’s on its way to platinum sales… Fellow canucks Nickelback, who are no strangers to the sales bling, have gone double platinum with their Dark Horse LP and are currently making their way through a sold-out summer tour…  With their AC/DC-infused guitar sound, Aussie rockers Airborne are currently in the studio with hot-shot producer Johnny K. working on the follow-up to 2007’s Runnin’ Wild album… Coming out later this month is the new Collective Soul S/T release on Tom Lipsky’s recently minted Roadrunner imprint, Loud & Proud. Their first single “Staring Down” has already entered the Hot AC Top 20 chart and continues to climb… With no evidence of slowing down, Burman has inked a couple of new signings soon to be announced. Stay tuned…

Hot Topic: DIY

The topic of DIY seems to be on the tongues of many lately, and it’s not quite the same ‘do it yourself’ of your punk rock granddad’s age. We participated in a panel last week on this topic, and were impressed by some of the forward-thinking initiatives we heard put forth by young artists in attendance. Conversation of a modern DIY era was also spawned this week by discussions at the New Music Seminar that took place on Tuesday in New York.  While in the past a DIY mentality and approach was completely antithetical to the mainstream music business, the concepts and ideas being explored now are very much a part of a popular dialogue.  Recent developments in this arena include the formation of Polyphonic, a UK-based venture that models itself on a new concept of label-artist partnerships and profit sharing, which was featured yesterday in a New York Times article.  The fan-funded blueprint continues to push forward as well, with more new sites like that provide a platform for ideas and endeavors to find funding through pledges – endeavors such as recording an album or ep.  In fact April Smith, an artist who we’ve spotlighted in the past, is currently taking pledges to fund her new full-length and is more than halfway to her goal in just two weeks.  So while the jury is still out on many of the new “models”, the whirlwind of ideas and debate proceeds to energize innovation and creation in a space that was built upon those very things in the first place.

Checkout a couple recent interesting articles at Hypebot and Digital Music News for more on this topic.

Scream-A-Long with Far on New Album

far's little pony

far's little pony

Sacramento’s far, whose cover of Ginuwine‘s classic R&B song “Pony,” became a hit at Alternative Radio this year, has been working away at the Airport Studios on their upcoming full-length release for Vagrant Records.  In finishing the album they’ve asked for a little help from their fans, in what is being dubbed the “Scream-A-Long Project.”  The idea is to create a group chorus that is “the most far-reaching, diverse, punk-rock DIY choir EVER.”  Find out how fans can get involved after the jump… Read more…