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In Case You Missed It: Reading Recap

Apple buys streaming-music service Lala

A week ago today the news broke that Apple was buying music service, and new Google Music search partner, Lala, lighting up the tech and music world (cnet). How much Apple actually paid to acquire the streaming-music service has been a matter for continued speculation (TechCrunch)… EMI made an 11th hour content licensing deal with the new major label-backed video site Vevo, which officially launched on Tuesday (Epicenter). True to industry form there was a celebrity-filled gala to commemorate the occasion (Billboard)…  MySpace formally acknowledged it has bought struggling Imeem and promptly shuttered the streaming service (VentureBeat)… And as expected, The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard and a handful of other Nielsen Media publications were officially sold to a consortium of investors (LATimes).

In Case You Missed It: Reading Recap

EMI and owner Terra Firma are back in the headlines as the private equity investment firm reportedly prepares to write down its investment in the struggling music company by 90% after their latest bid to restructure debt was denied… But it wasn’t all gloom and doom for EMI this week as the the music group announced a first-of-its-kind deal with Hulu to distribute artist content on the popular online video destination… MySpace snapped up online streaming music service Imeem for a bargain basement price, a move some suspect was more about talent than technology… And Sony announced plans to launch an online store that will sell music, movies, books and mobile applications, sound familiar?

In Case You Missed It: Reading Recap

Can't Buy My Songs... EMI and BlueBeat battle over Beatles

In the news this week… Universal Music Group CEO Doug Morris appears to be making plans to bring in a successor, though the 71-year-old executive has no plans of retiring… MediaMemo reports that Apple is out taking the temperature of networks for a $30 a month iTunes TV subscription… MySpace will reportedly fall short of the minimum traffic levels specified in parent company News Corp.’s massive 2006 Google ad deal… And digital marketplace uses the old ‘psycho-acoustic simulation’ defense in legal action taken by EMI for the site’s illegal and bizarre sale of The Beatles catalog online… Is that like claiming insanity, or just insane?

In Case You Missed It: Reading Recap

Google's New Onebox Music Search

Back with some elsewhere articles of the week… Google and partners in new Onebox music search took over the Capitol Records building to unveil the new service…  Rumors surfaced that Microsoft’s MSN may be linking with MySpace Music… Like the little engine that could, music service Lala is back in the news with high profile Google and Facebook partnerships… And is News Corp. making moves to sell action sports and music channel Fuel TV?

In Case You Missed It: Reading Recap

RM 64 Required Reading

It’s been a lethargic week here on RM 64 blog, but we thought we’d share some ‘elsewhere’ reading that caught our interest this week… TechCrunch was first to reveal info about Google’s Music Service, leading to much conjecture and hearsay, but no official statement… MySpace heads took the stage at the Web 2.0 Summit to announce new MySpace Music artist features and discuss the service’s bumpy road… Meanwhile Facebook believes “in the wisdom of friends” as COO predicts the future is social and not search oriented… And Disney looks to the sky for the future of digital content, as they are reportedly developing a new cloud-computing technology codenamed “Keychest” that would give consumers access to purchased content for life on multiple devices via the cloud

Dylapalooza Oct. 19 @ The Echoplex: Great Music, Greater Cause

UPDATE: Rock band TONIC has just been added to the lineup for Dylapalooza!

MySpace Records, Hotel Café, and Records are presenting Dylapalooza this coming Monday, October 19th, 7:00PM at The Echoplex in Los Angeles. This all-ages event features a lineup of great new artists, including Emily Wells, Sonos, Leah Andreone and The Lonely Forrest, but more importantly the night is a benefit to celebrate and support a courageous young boy, Dylan David, who has battled cancer twice in his short life.

Dylan was diagnosed in 2007 at age 5 with Medulloblastoma, an aggressive type of brain tumor.  After undergoing numerous treatments and showing dramatic improvement, in 2009 a new tumor was discovered showing signs of Leptomeningeal Disease, an even more aggressive cancer with an even shorter survival curve.

Through it all, Dylan’s determination, will, fortitude and indomitable sense of humor have been an inspiration to many. Dylapalooza is meant to be heartfelt acknowledgment of the struggle for survival that this little soldier has waged.

Needless to say, this is a great night of music and an opportunity to help an amazing child and his family. We hope to see you there, and please support and spread the word in any way you can…

Tickets will be $10 and can be purchased online HERE.
More information may be found at

Monday, Oct 19: Doors 7P/$10/All-Ages
Echoplex is at 1154 Glendale Blvd. Echo Park 90026

Emily Wells, Sonos, Leah Andreone, The Lonely Forest

Q&A Leftovers: A User’s Guide to the Bidding Derby

RM 64 on deadline...

After Myspace Records’ Jason Reynolds stopped by the RM 64 offices for our interview with him, we uncovered an interesting tidbit left on tape during the post-interview banter. The off-the-record discussions and gossip from our interview sessions have been quite eye-opening. It makes for good industry fodder to post when our editorial staff is feeling lazy or in this case, are nursing a hangover. So we hope you enjoy a little inside story concerning the signing of a certain Australian rock act that went on to sell millions of records. We start with Mr. Reynolds and RM 64 poser-journalist Rodel Delfin reminiscing about their shenanigans and what started out as a bet.

RM64: Jason, a friend asked me the other day about Jet signing to Elektra Records several years ago. He had heard that you and I were somewhat involved with stirring that up. It was definitely a fierce bidding derby. I recall the band was starting to garner a lot of industry attention in Australia, where the band is from. I was the A&R Editor at Hits Magazine at the time, and you and I would talk about new music and bands coming across your scene. And I remember you handing me the Jet demo. How did you come across them and what was happening at the time?

JR: My friend David Vodicka, who was running Rubber Records, also ran a company called Media Arts Lawyers in Melbourne, Australia. Basically, he had found Jet and told me that I need to know about this band. It was one of those things, when I was listening to the demo –like ‘oh holy shit.’

RM64: It’s funny because I pulled the demo from my old archives, and it had “Are You Going to Be My Girl?” and “Cold Hard Bitch” along with four other tracks.

JR: Yeah, it was basically half of the album and actually all of the songs that ended up being singles. It was definitely one of those no-brainer situations.

RM64: So you had it. What was happening in Australia at the time?

JR: All of the majors in Australia had heard about it and approached it. And I know through a couple of those labels it had filtered out a little bit overseas. Then David had contacted me to talk to people over here. He and I had that kind of relationship where I would help him connect the dots with A&R people in the states. And that was it. Then you became my conduit because most of the A&R people weren’t taking my calls.

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Big Numbers for MySpace Unsigned Artist Contest

We commented last week on the current changes in affect at MySpace, and how in-spite of speculation during this transition, they continue to be an unmatched music networking and promotion platform. Further evidence of the wide reach and how that dominance can be leveraged is found in their recent contest, launched in partnership with Toyota, called Rock the Space.  In a short period of time, it appears they’ve received over 12,000 submissions from unsigned artists hoping to be selected for the final five. Finalists will be voted on by the community, the winner will get a MySpace Records recording contract and the runners-up will also receive targeted advertising throughout MySpace via the label’s “friends” development deal package.

They’re still accepting submissions until July  1st. Visit:

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