News Bytes: BigChampagne acquired by Live Nation, Rara-who?, Sony & Warner join Grooveshark fray & more

Yesterday evening our Twitter feed was filling up with congratulations for BigChampagne, and founders Eric Garland and Joe Fleischer, following the announcement that Live Nation had acquired the pioneering media measurement operation. While not well known outside of entertainment biz circles, the company is anything but a flash-in-the-pan tech start up – having celebrated its 10th anniversary this year and launching the Ultimate Chart last year, not to mention having their analysis frequently cited and quoted by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and many other publications. Tip of the cap indeed. For more information about how BigChampagne began and an overall interesting read, check our Q&A with Eric Garland from 2009, here…  A new streaming music service surfaced this week from the founder of Omnifone. The service is called Rara and it appears to be targeting the segment of online music consumers who want to use a streaming service, but find Spotify, Rdio, MOG and others… too complicated? The service is launching with the help of some built-in links on select HP computers and a discounted 3-month trial price of $0.99 per month… Meanwhile, Sony and Warner Music are reportedly joining Universal Music Group in taking legal action against online music service Grooveshark… The bizarre story of the Megaupload song and video that featured Will.I.Am and a number of other celebrities and artists lauding the file-transfering service, takes another strange turn, Hollywood Esq. has the details… Check marked in the ‘plus’ column for Spotify this week, it was revealed that Arcade Fire‘s catalog would now be available on the service in all its current territories. This follows headlines that the new Black Keys album is not being made available on any streaming music services, for now… And for an streaming availability scorecard, Wired published a side-by-side comparison of content exclusive to either Spotify or Rdio.